Ligna 42022 Canopy
Ligna 42022 Canopy

Ligna 42022 Canopy

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Curve 85550 Crisp White
Icons charms with its versatility of materials, all established values in interior decorating, such as shagreen leather (galuchat), bouclé fabric, metal accents and rattan. However, the application of these evergreens on the wall is extremely surprising and original. Typical are the various geometric patterns that show a striking block motif. Not only the warm material mix is a surprising factor, the varying incidence of light and the play of matte and gloss also give an extra luxurious dimension.

Round, soft shapes with a hint of vintage, incorporated into a subtle grid, this describes Curve best. The textile is made of a warm 3D bouclé fabric.

Composition: 3D textile wallcovering on non-woven backing
Description: 3D wallcovering made from a bouclé fabric
Dimensions: Width 123 cm (48.42”), sold by the linear metre/yard
Repeat: Straight match 88 cm (34.65")
Adhesive: Adhesive for non-woven wallcovering like Arte Clearpro or 100% dispersion adhesive
How to paste: Paste the wall
Light resistance: Good lightfastness
Care: Spongeable during hanging (dab away damp glue)
How to remove: Strippable
Fire retardancy: C-s1, d0 / Class A
Remark: Stain and water repellent, positive acoustic effect

from 3,00 EUR
2,44 EUR per square meter
Ligna 42023 Canopy
Ligna 42023 Canopy

Non-woven wallcovering inspired by wood and everything that lives in the forest.

The laws of nature.

Nature has its own rules, but that doesn't mean we always have to follow them. They offer us a rich green world full of inspiration. Canopy plays with the natural structure of plants. The result is a geometrical interplay with climbing plants in an unusual context. The shiny effect takes the wallcovering to a higher level. Plants have never had such a sumptuous image before!

Dimensions : Running meter / Width 90 cm ( 35,43")
Match: Straight match of 128 (50,40") cm or free match, respecting the square height of 32 (12,60") cm
Adhesive : Adhesive for non-woven wallpaper like Arte Clearpro, or Metylan Special (200 gr. in 4 litres of water) with addition of 20% PVA adhesive
Light resistance : Good lightfastness
Washability : Spongeable
How to paste: Paste the wall
How to remove: Strippable

from 3,00 EUR
3,33 EUR per square meter
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