Walk with us on the wild side

Join the adventure and discover the looks of the most challenging natural materials. After all, the most beautiful products to surround yourself with are to be found in nature. Combine these with a touch of high-tech to create the luxurious interior of the 21st century.

A spectacular camouflage design inspired by a herd of zebras like those you see on the African steppe. You can even discover hidden zebra heads here and there in the abstract lines of the zebra’s skin.

A paradisiacal jungle motif with stylised plants and tree trunks against a soft touch background of wood grains. The high-gloss foil reflects the light, making it look as if the sun’s rays are shimmering through the bush.

The rhythmic combination of round shapes reminds of the zebra’s hoofprints. The same pattern returns, but in a different shade each time. Gallop is reminiscent of a combination of hand-cut cork fragments with shiny contours.

Evora was named after the eponymous Portuguese city known for its cork tree plantations. The suggestive inlay of a hand-carved cork motif subtly hints at precious metals where the density of the cork is less pronounced.

This elegant suede-look print is velvety soft and provides spontaneous light and dark accents. This pattern fits in perfectly with the current trend of mixing straight lines and round shapes. The interplay of lines in high gloss gives the whole thing a sumptuous effect.

Section is a print of exotic walnut with pronounced veins, inlaid in irregular shapes. The shiny lines of precious metal contrast with the large patchwork areas. Wood is a noble, natural product that always feels warm, it is sustainable yet very decorative.

The name of this design is derived from the Latin ‘ferus’ meaning ‘wild’. Due to their colour contrast, the roughly woven paper threads form a small, geometric motif that is neutral and natural to the touch.

Noble is a playful reference to animal fur. The soft velvet feel of the microfibre textile gives every wall a rich, warm appearance.