Step into the world of Kanso, inspired by the Japanese concept of minimalism and simplicity in interior design.
The collection embodies the essence of design, bringing together sleek and seemingly simple geometric patterns.
The pronounced texture of the wallcoverings adds a tactile dimension to the room, while the soft velvet fabric lends it a sense of warmth and cosiness.
The result is a collection that exudes luxury without excess, where all the patterns and colours are carefully designed to offer timeless elegance.
Inspired by the sophisticated Japanese concept of simplicity and complexity, Shibumi offers a visual experience that is never boring. In this unique wallcovering, the diagonal strips change direction to create an intriguing visual dynamic. This 3D wallcovering, finished with soft velvet fabric, enchants both the eye and the fingertips.

The Japanese term Anicca means changeable in nature. The diagonal lines in this design are uneven and vary in thickness, so that an appealing visual dynamic emerges. The pronounced texture creates a fascinating 3D effect that really brings a room to life, while the soft, seductive velvet finish is almost irresistibly tactile.

“Iki”, a concept that is difficult to translate into a single word, embraces a world of sophistication, elegance, simplicity and a deep appreciation for the beauty in everyday things. “Iki” becomes tangible in this design, with diagonal lines creating a beautifully magnified herringbone pattern. The distance between these lines is expressively uneven, giving a playful and dynamic feeling to the wall. The pronounced texture lends it a captivating 3D effect, while the top layer in soft velvet adds a touch of luxury, making it almost impossible not to want to touch the wall.

Enhance the space with a wallcovering that embraces the essence of Yugen, the Japanese concept of sophistication and mystery. Narrow, vertical rectangles with an uneven texture create a beguiling 3D effect, reminiscent of an abstract interpretation of small metro tiles. This wallcovering is not only visually appealing, but also tangibly seductive. The suede look creates a strokable effect that adds a sense of luxury and comfort.