Porter Teleo

Something new was born, terribly exciting, and eager to create moments of beauty. The Porter Teleo studio, a fervent explorer of know-how, probed the creativity of Asteré's printing processes to extend new aesthetic territories. He thus offers new and unexpected nuances to his paintings with colored layers.

Throughout the collection, color plays a role. She awakens forms in the manner of Color Field Painting, seeks the golden cracks of a kintsugi, or brings balance to a background of abstract expressionism. Thanks to ultra-pigmented inks and exceptional papers, depth and movement retrace the idea of ​​handmade. Sensations of freedom, erased borders, unexpected latitudes: time is full of emotion.

While hand-painted wallpaper murals have long been relics of the past, loaded with scenes of a thousand meticulous details, Porter Teleo has made them a paragon of modernity. Satisfying the needs of top interior designers looking for graphic looks and exclusive colors isn't easy, but the duo have made it their way. Their secret? Constantly innovating and sticking to the highest quality for ... absolutely everything.

“The duo never disappoints in breaking new aesthetic grounds"
"Long an ornament from the past, signalling detailed oriented scenics, hand-painted wallpaper blooms into a paragon of modernity in the hands of Porter Teleo.
Sating the appetite of the best interior designers for graphic looks and bold colour palettes is no easy task, yet the duo has mastered it into a habit.
Their secret: constant innovation and the highest quality in just everything."