Scrapwood Wallpaper came about through the coincidental realisation that vintage wallpaper cannot be
found anywhere, even at a time when vintage stuff is all the rage. You can find vintage stuff everywhere -
clothing, furniture, accessories - but ‘vintage’ wallcoverings are hard to find. ARTE decided to fill that gap
with a high-quality product, preferably with a designer signature. Scrapwood Wallpaper was created by NLXL
of the Netherlands working with Piet Hein Eek from Geldrop in Brabant.
Patchwork of planks

The great thing about this collection is the artist’s attention to detail. Sometimes you see cracks in the wood
or holes where nails once were. It couldn’t be any more authentic short of attaching real slats to the wall! You
can also get really creative with it - for example, there’s nothing to stop you from cutting a plank from the
paper and pasting it across your decorated wall. The effects this creates are amazing!
Scrapwood Wallpaper is non-woven wallpaper that is very easy to install. And it’s washable. This collection
has eight references and is 9m long and 49cm wide. The collections have no real pattern and there are no
repetitions which means you don’t waste any of the paper. The rolls are of course identical. ARTE distributes
this collection in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany.