The flower prints are wonderfully detailed, delicate and lush. The geometric shapes have tapered lines and beautiful curves. The carefully selected materials give a great richness both in look and touch. Each model in the “Oxford” collection is composed of artfully arranged elements to achieve a
sophisticated and exquisite result.
The inspiration is proudly displays the influence of William Morris* and Arts and Crafts Movement : the quest for ultimate beauty, created with unrivalled expertise and extreme precision. The plants are even more magnificent with their stylised look and modern colours. The outlines are refined with iridescent inks, shimmering metal-leaf accents, extraordinarily soft and deep textures…
Each of the wallpapers has a typically British first name, giving it its own personality : feminine, peaceful, exuberant, imaginative…but always with class and a delicious vintage accent.

The “Oxford” collection is destined for clients looking for modernised and revised versions of classics which adhere to today’s decoration rules. They appreciate the history behind decorative arts, but want a colourful and on-trend interior decoration for themselves, creating an enchanting blend of historical
trends and modern techniques.

Art Nouveau shapes, warm velvets, lacquered wood…contemporary style furniture inspired by classic designs matches the modern and historically-influenced characteristics of the “Oxford” collection.
Natural, black and golden shades are ideally suited for tables and chairs.