Mystique c’est chic. Velvet and velour are different names for the same mysterious and warm fabric. The rich fabrics of rib velvet, lush botanical prints and sophisticated weaving techniques make Lush a very detailed and luxurious collection. The cool metal accents combine perfectly with the soft, velvet fabrics and complete the look.

The wide ribbed velvet structure is sensual and tactile. In addition, the subtle sheen, incorporated in the velvet, gives an elegant and rich feeling. The irregular shades create a random pattern.

The fine rib velvet with a soft top layer has an exclusive and warm appearance. Velvet is extremely flexible and is therefore often used in fashion. This extremely cuddly fabric produces a sleek and well-defined whole.

The intriguing and mysterious image of tropical leaves exudes luxury and warmth with a touch of vintage. This rich velvet fabric with sophisticated finish is a feast for the eyes.

This botanical image represents a colourful bouquet expanse. The distinct design has on the one hand a very luxurious appearance and on the other hand a spontaneous and playful character. The expressive combination of the colours, the soft ribbed velvet and the frivolous design characterises Wildflower.

The soft metallic lustre of this metal foil creates a unique light reflection. This makes the design look different from various angles and creates a dynamic atmosphere. The authentic metal look creates the effect of impressive metal panels.