La caravane

It is said in Seoul that luck is tucked away in the folds of the Pojagi fabric. When this everyday fabric transforms itself as a coated canvas, and lends its patchwork to walls, is good fortune still hidden within the textile? We have seen it reappear between the large meshes of abaca and raffia weaves. On the canvas, in vast areas of solid color, detailed with decorative topstitching, it has the elegance of a soft and soothing gift. With earthy, sometimes faded attributes from having been passed down and pieced together through many generations, it maintains an ever-soothing article of design.

This collection was conceived as a sequel to the Eldorado wallcovering collection, based on the Atelier d'Artiste design. It originates from the discovery of the Korean fabric, Pojagi. These textiles used to wrap gifts and objects (Chogak is the popular term) are composed of several fabrics. They are reinterpreted here in pattern layouts of coated canvas, reflecting a raffia or abaca effect in serene and melodic colors, almost chalky for some: terracotta, powdery pinks, lake greens and blues, natural whites.