Wallpaper Collectables 2019

Wow! It’s been like a perpetual roller coaster ride since 2016, when we launched our first wallpaper collection. Yes, we dreamed big, but looking back we are amazed about how much we achieved to show you in just 3 years: 5 wallpaper collections of unique designs that express what we love, what made us vibrate in our journey and what made you guys surprised and inspired.

In this crazy ride we took the time to breath, to sat down our thoughts and to put all this experience in one book. A book that gathers not just a pile of patterns, but instead a collection of stories, feelings, emotions and memories. It’s our little box of collectable gems.

Come now! Jump in our cart, it’s time to join us in our roller coaster ride that will take you in a world of beautiful natural elements, artisans creations, vintage aesthetic values, the beauty of the underwater life and many inspirational stories.

It’s the perfect time to be inspired and to feel free. It’s our way and we are convinced we absolutely need to share this with you. Enjoy the adventure!