Essentials Tangram

The Tangram collection takes its name and inspiration from the puzzle of the same name. Each design resembles an ingenious puzzle. It is based on natural grasses, coarsely or very finely woven and inlaid by hand in various patterns. An interpretation of each design was then made using water-based inks printed on non-woven. These high-quality inks contain an exceptionally high amount of pigment. They give the wallpaper depth and relief, produce strikingly bright, fresh colours and make the wallpaper extra strong.

Caprice, Dome & Bounty
Very finely woven grasses, cut and inlaid by hand, are the inspiration for these designs. The playful, irregular pattern of straight and rounded corners creates an artistic effect for the pattern Caprice. The geometric, rounded shapes of the Dome pattern create a soft but dynamic feel. Bounty is an abstract, geometric representation of lush palm leaves that seem to be reaching higher and higher.

Splice & Intarsio
These designs are inspired by finely woven grasses, which are cut and inlaid by hand. The irregular pattern of asymmetrical shapes of the pattern Splice immediately feels very natural. The pattern Intarsio, with its combination of rectangles and squares, appears as though it has been expertly woven together.

An abstract, tropical print that gives a real inlaid feel. If you look closely, you can see the texture of woven grasses in the background. The watercolour effect lends a soft touch to the exotic flowers.