Charlotte Morot

Finding yourself alone, observing Nature, listening and feeling.
Face to face with your soul, your state of mind at that moment, your own reflection.
Charlotte Morot offers a soothing world full of introspection where
your consciousness takes pleasure in wandering.

The works in this collection draw directly from the emotion of the moment, that of Charlotte Morot who transposes it directly, instinctively, through ink on wet paper. By summoning what is deepest and most primitive within each of us and entrusting colour with its translation, she in turn unfolds silence, solitude, mystery ... That which is ingrained in us without being expressed, whose manifestation can only be triggered by a landscape, suddenly appears.

Charlotte Morot

Some are born in art studios and others discover them through revelation. Self-taught, Charlotte Morot has adopted a relationship with creativity that pushes instinct to the limit, the unconscious
being the sole guide. In this dynamic where concept plays no part, introspection takes precedence and unleashes across the canvas the nuances and forms of senses for which there are no words.

Imagine ink setting on wet paper. Colour runs and blurs. Unexpected surprises appear before your eyes. This is how Charlotte Morot's creations took shape before their transposition
onto wallpaper for Asteré. While the central theme is nature, it is through the prism of solitude, silence or even intimacy that it is cultivated. Senses becoming thoughts becoming creation.

Ideas come from sounds as well, and it is no coincidence that acoustic perceptions also come into play in the genesis of these works. Sounds muffled by mist,
birds singing at dusk, the melody of the Mediterranean ...