Kami stimulates all the senses and takes you on a journey of discovery to the Far East where elegance, balance and sophistication are central. The colour palette is on the one hand clear and explosive and on the other perfectly in harmony with the soft and subtle earth tones. The varied mix of materials surprises and at the same time results in a well-considered and balanced collection.

This scene of a Japanese pond viewed from above reflects the lush natural beauty of water. Be surprised by the depth in the design and discover life above and under the water. The textile with a silk look represents elegance and refinement.

Six silk foulards with Eastern scenes are the source of inspiration for this composition. The colour explosion is perfectly balanced and creates one harmonious and panoramic whole.

The refined elegance of 100% real silk is unmistakable. The structure of the natural thread features irregularities and irregular thicknesses. This makes Dupion unique and natural. The colour nuances vary depending on the incidence of light.

The folded paper imitates the ripple of moving water. The pleats create a lot of relief and the repetitive nature brings peace and regularity. The luxurious finish of the top layer is a silk gloss ink with an elegant silk look as a result.