Art paper

An adventure in paper collage. Textured poetry that defies categorisation. Moving through the mass of sheets and cut-outs that unfurl their irregularities, transparent effects and ridges at random across their superimposed layers. These abstract, geometric artworks affirming the influence of the greats of 20th-century pictorial art are produced by hand, making them truly unique pieces.

These creations juxtapose artisanal mulberry and tissue papers – uncoloured or tinted with natural pigments – entirely cut out and crafted by hand. You can feel the material of the paper, its relief, its velvety nature and the textures that vary according to the quality of the paper: thick and heavy on one design, fine and transparent on another. Precious artisanal craftsmanship, a cornerstone of our collections.

Réalisée en collaboration avec Vincent Gevinet Marie Papillaud.