Beauty Full Image

When beauty is fully revealed, covering an entire wall with an extraordinary decor, a breath-taking landscape or
a hypnotic pattern.
A close-up of a natural element or contrastingly an immense panorama, an intricately detailed design like a work
of art, with clever shading and abstract textures… The “Beauty Full Image” collection is overflowing with creative
ideas and images to contemplate, to create an extraordinary atmosphere in a room.
It takes its inspiration from 8 beautiful themes as stunning as they are fascinating : plantlife, workshop, multi-coloured geometric, floral, travel, materials, street art and architecture, to invent and achieve any decorative desire.
Created for high-ceilinged rooms or those with less lofty dimensions, the different patterns have been imagined to suit all interiors.
Our 2 brands Casadeco and Caselio have come together to create this impressive catalogue of themes and
characters, combining their individual personalities and their on-trend style in one collection of panoramic
wallpapers, rich in colours and styles.