No illusions

Are you ready for a real challenge? Arte’s new 3D collection conjures your walls into a real spectacle. With this daring wallcovering you create depth, which results in an optical illusion. And this is done in all kinds of styles from a plain play of lines to the look of antique panel doors.

Arte’s team of designers is continually searching for patterns and colours that match the spirit of the times. After the Enigma, Eclipse and Intrigue collections, Arte has once again embarked on a new 3D wallcovering venture called Spectra with harmonious patterns and colours that can find a place in any interior. The combination of the 3D relief, the pattern and the colour always has a balanced look.

When producing the 3D collections, Arte uses an innovative technique: thermoforming. By means of heat, a form is pressed into a material that remains visible after it cools off. Thanks to this technique, a clear relief is created that gives a 3D effect although the material remains supple and soft. Spectra also has the soft look of suède, which increases its cuddliness. It is also handy that the wallcovering has a positive influence on the acoustics in the room. That is not only an advantage for your comfort but also for the application possibilities. Thus, Spectra can also serve perfectly for ceilings or partitions.