Concrete Wallpaper

Concrete Wallpaper
All round designer
Piet Boon is a Dutch furniture and interior designer, but he began his career as a contractor. Today he is one
of the most acclaimed Dutch designers and designs and develops complete residential areas, such as the area
around the new marina in Hoorn. And for those car fans among you: Piet Boon has also recently released a
‘special edition’ of the new Range Rover Evoque.
Piet Boon was given complete freedom to allow his typically sleek, sturdy and straightforward style to
permeate through his Concrete Wallpaper collection. It developed into a quirky collection that bears the
unmistakable Boon signature. You can see it in its robustness, the superior crafts-manship and the gentle
almost non-existent colours, which are also to be found in his houses, shops, hotels, holiday homes, boats..
Meaningful concrete
Concrete Wallpaper has seven references. Why seven? Because these seven were the nicest, according to Piet
Boon. Period. It includes cast concrete, smooth concrete, formwork concrete in which you can clearly see the
wood imprint from the formwork. It even includes a variety which is reminiscent of the concrete from the
war years, when concrete bunkers were painted as if they were ordinary houses, in order to try and mislead
the enemy.
The colours are almost all shades of grey, one with an undertone of sand, the other with a blue sheen. It also
includes a deep, dark version. You can see the typical imperfections of real concrete. It’s almost more real than
real. This wallcovering looks ultramodern, fits perfectly into a sleek interior, but equally comes into its own
in surroundings with a classic overtone. It’s exactly that contrast that is so surprising
Concrete Wallpaper’s unique look clearly bears the hallmark of Piet Boon. ‘Concrete is one of my favourite
materials. It is down-to-earth with lots of character and is very versatile. This successful wallcovering genuinely
transforms any room.’
Extra structure
You can also get creative with Concrete Wallpaper. It may be called wallcovering but it is also a beautiful
product for the ceiling. And it has the additional advantage that fewer beautiful walls simply disappear - quite
the opposite – they are given extra ‘structure’.
Concrete Wallpaper is non-woven wallpaper that is very easy to install. And it’s washable. This collection
has seven references and is 9m long and 49cm wide. This wallcovering has no real pattern and there are no
repetitions which means you don’t waste any of the paper. The rolls are of course identical. ARTE distributes
this collection in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany.