Moooi Memento

Moooi Wallcovering presents: Moooi Memento

The Memento Moooi Wallcovering collection is inspired by Extinct Animals remembered for their unique kindness and love for life. Animals that cherished every moment of their lives and lived to make beautiful memories. Discover the sharing Mimic Moth, loving Dandelion Cranes, social Golden Tiger, fearless Pogo Goats, and peaceful Queen Cobras. This medley of Extinct Animals lived and loved like there would be no tomorrow.
Each wallcovering is inspired by the characteristics of one animal. Striking combinations of colours, features, and patterns of their fur, plumage or skin bring it vividly back to life on our walls. Some designs narrate a story; others stimulate our senses using imagery and textures. The Extinct Animals that inspired the Memento Moooi Wallcovering collection will remind us to cherish each moment, make amazing memories and celebrate life for as long as it lasts.

Mimic Moth
The Mimic Moth Wallcovering is a 3D wallcovering with a soft suede look, inspired by the Mimic Moth’s shape and habitat. The wallcovering’s design comprises embossed Mimic Moths surrounded by its favourite flowers.

Queen Cobra
The Queen Cobra Wallcovering is made from hand-woven sisal fibres, inspired by the Queen Cobra’s rhythmic curves and grassy habitat. The design comprises round overlapping shapes in a pattern with a hypnotic feel to it.

Dandelion Cranes
The Dandelion Cranes Wallcovering is made from pleated textile, inspired by the Cranes’ unique colouring and fanlike wings. The tactile design comprises overlapping textile pleats placed in a pattern that resembles feathered fans.

Golden Tiger
The Golden Tiger Wallcovering is made from laser cut wood veneer with gold foil. Golden Tigers couldn’t bear to be parted from their loved ones, so the wallcovering depicts this friendly Extinct Animal surrounded by his animal friends.

Pogo Goat
The Pogo Goat Wallcovering is a 3D wallcovering with a soft chenille fabric, inspired by the Goat’s yearly migration. The intricate pattern has us guessing how ambitious the choreography of the dancing Pogo Goats really was.

Memento Moooi Medley
The Memento Moooi Medley Wallcovering is a gathering of Extinct Animals known for their unique kindness and love for life. Each animal knew how to cherish each moment of their lives and lived to make beautiful memories. Depicted amidst the softest of fluffy clouds, they continue their celebration of life. Or is it the afterlife? The Memento Moooi Medley is digitally printed on soft touch textile.