Long distance travel and exotic destinations have appealed to our imagination for centuries. The smaller the world becomes digitally, the greater the desire grows to really see some of it. Egypt, Persia, India, Java, China, … Destinations along the inspiring Silk Road that stimulate all our senses.

Silk Road Garden
A lifelike jungle scenery as an eye-catcher in your interior. A Bengal tiger cautiously stalks closer out of the forest while you take in the lifelike vegetation and hear the call of exotic birds. Printing on a real textile with a natural look, combined with a subtle, golden background, brings this grand panoramic decor to life.
This design is available with or without a Bengal tiger in the design.

An exuberant botanical design of tropical leaves with the feel of a hand-painted wallcovering. Printed in vibrant colours on a fil-à-fil woven jute. These give the wall unprecedented depth and an especially natural aspect.

Tasar is inspired by real silk. Beautiful in its simplicity, with the subtle irregularities of silk fabric. This natural product always results in a rich colour palette without ever being obtrusive.

A lively decor, printed on the silk uni Tasar, and inspired by the Sumatran jungle, a tropical rainforest with the most diverse fauna and flora. We discover the hornbills and capuchins in their natural habitat.

Eri turns every wall into a unique object. Pure luxury. Inspired by an open weave silk and applied on a base of precious high-gloss foil. The warm glow of the noble metal shines through the fine mesh of the fabric for a more pronounced and exclusive look.