Redfield & Dattner

Redfield & Dattner

A duo. A poetic collaboration, both creative and unique that awakens entire atmospheres and spaces. An incredible technical mastery. Redfield & Dattner’s world renowned name, built in no time, is due their immense wall decorations achievement a singular feat: paying a contemporary tribute to the tradition of painted decor.

Their walls? Those of iconic sites, imagined in collaboration with Laurent Beuffe, Pierre Yovanovitch or Fragos Lecourtier, places where the century has signed its finest interpretations of fashion, haute-cuisine and even cinema.

Redfield & Dattner take us into sensitive and often evanescent worlds, by deconstructing, blurring or reinterpreting the features of classical painting and the tradition of lightly painted decorations. Poetry of vaporous surfaces, nebulous gradations and coloured sensations.

With Asteré, the two artists transpose their art, huge hand-painted wall decors onto wallpaper. Through this shift, they offer us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in their delicate frescoes from the comfort of our homes, enveloping and infinite matrices. We encounter soft marbles, dreamlike skies and fine wooden vessels in trompe-l'oeil. We discover the feel of transparent glazes, rich tempura hues, or the delicacy of whitewash that have marked the pictorial practices of past centuries, transposed into the present.

The artists dedicate this collection to the women who inspire them and accompany them in their quest for creation and harmony.