Remixed. Wallpaper by Arthur Slenk

Remixed. Wallpaper by Arthur Slenk
Remixed. Wallpaper by Arthur Slenk

Clip art
Arthur Slenk is a Dutch collage artist. From a young age, he cut up magazines into clippings and filled
notebooks with them. His first works of art were collages with cinema advert clippings.
But his magnum opus was Partituur, a collection of collages which appeared in book form and which served
as inspiration for this wallpaper collection.
It all began when one day Slenk came across two full boxes of sheet music, just left there on the street next to
the household refuse. It turned out to be material from an amateur orchestra, from the period 1872 to 1941.
It hadn’t seen the light of day for half a century. Even the pieces of string and rubber bands which held the
bundles together had gone mouldy. Slenk was immediately fascinated by the ‘aged’ sheets of paper.
He enthusiastically started snipping and sorting. Every crease, every coffee or ink stain, the dog-eared corners,
the notes and sketches in the margin... He organised everything in separate envelopes ‘per theme’ so that later
on he could make no less than 144 separate collages from them. For seven years he worked his way through
the bundle, day in day out, with scissors, knife and glue. “With a controlled obsession”, as the Dutch journalist
H.J.A. Hofman described it.
Donkey work
Of the 144 collages eight were finally selected for this new wallpaper collection. As regards the production
technique the bar was placed very high. The latest ‘state of the art’ scanning techniques were perfected in
order to reproduce the subtle details of this fragile paper as well as possible, with a staggering end result. You
can see every imperfection and it is as if you can feel every crease. You can also see shadow and relief. You even
get the impression you can blow the snippets off the paper.
The eight references of Remixed. Wallpaper are all really different and yet you clearly recognise the musical
symbols. Notes, staves, clefs... The colours in this collection range from yellowed white, through beige to
brown and black, depending on the condition of the ink. The darker the text or symbols, the whiter the
background seems. The old colours and the fleeting shades encour-age you to stop and think about the
transience of things. There is also a collage of blue lines, possibly corrections made by some zealous musician.
This collection gives a face to the amateur company of old.
Even Arthur Slenk is happy with this collection. “This was indeed donkey work and that is not something
you give away lightly. But my designs have been handled with respect and I am extremely happy with the
Extra structure
You can get creative with Remixed. Wallpaper. It might be just flat paper, but you will be surprised at how powerful
the relief effect is. We bet you can’t resist going and touching it straight away? It is the perfect way to camouflage
irregularities in existing walls. You simply give them a fictional new structure.
Remixed. Wallpaper non-woven wallpaper is extremely easy to apply and it’s washable too. The rolls are 9 m long
and 48.7 cm wide. This wallpaper doesn’t have a real pattern and it doesn’t contain any repetitions, so none of it
goes to waste. The rolls are all identical. ARTE distributes this collection in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and